Crystal Journey

Every Crystal Journey Concert is completely improvised and unique.  No two shows are alike. After 19 years and thousands of concerts, the music has taken on a life of it’s own.

Music can ease some of our stress, and help regain our focus in life.

Each Crystal Journey Concert is aimed at providing the audience with a safe and relaxing environment.  The intent of the music is to create an expansive and relaxing experience, to awaken consciousness, and to provide a cosmic musical journey into the unknown.

Each concert is performed with 8-10 Paiste Planet and Symphonic Gongs, Persian Santoors, D Minor Bass Octave and Harmonica.  All accompanied by 6-8 Quartz Crystal Bowls.  Occasionally David uses his vocals to create harmonized chants.

The concert will take place in two 40-45 minute sets with a Tea Break at Intermission.

Opening March 2020


6:30 AM -8:15 PM


7:30 AM - 1 PM






80 Sudbury St,
Toronto, ON. M6J 0B7