Yin Yoga Training



The Yoga Alliance accredited TRIBEspace teacher training program is delivered in three modules, each counting toward continuing education credits with Yoga Alliance. The program is comprised of 3 modules.

Students will have the opportunity to take modules separately to enhance their own personal practice, deepen their knowledge as teachers and space holders, or combine all three modules to become certified by the Yoga Alliance as a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT-200).
This training is open to all curious students and teachers.


The Experience


40 Hour Yin Yoga Training


In Module 1, the focus will be on mastering the experience and studying Yin as yoga, the (tha) in Hatha, as the slow, as the deep, as the dark, as the shadow, as the moon, as the feminine, understanding the choice behind all surrender. In the gentleness of holding extended postures, we experience our true self as an uncreated light, a subject without an object.


One of the most significant benefits of Yin Yoga is learning to be with what is happening in the body in the present moment while learning the necessary skills to not react to whatever is arising.

Yin Yoga is a special and unique journey to witness and know the experience of Yoga by coming to our own understanding of what Yoga is and what Yoga is not. Many of us live fast-paced lives, and yin yoga is a perfect balance providing a slower, more meditative yoga practice. Like any other contemplative practice, Yin Yoga stretches the mind as much as it stretches the body.


Mastering The Knowledge
of Experience


40 Hour Yin Yoga Training


Mastering The Teaching of
Knowledge & Experience


120 Hour Yoga Teacher Training


Interested in future training opportunities? Leave your information below, and we’ll reach out when we have more details.


Alex Petrogiani


Alex Petrogiani is a recent graduate of the University of Toronto specializing in mental health. He is an E-RYT 500 Yoga Alliance Teacher and holds two black belts in both Nerkin Ouj and Arnis De Mano/Balintawak. Alex is a co-director of the Karma Projects and has
recently self-published a book, “The Yog in Yoga” with 100% of the proceeds going towards orphaned at-risk children in Peru. His book discusses the essence of yoga through an
interdisciplinary lens that transcend both the literal and allegorical, weaving spiritual exegesis through awakened consciousness and unconditional love.

Jordana Ricketts


Jordana Ricketts, has a long-standing career as a full-time personal trainer and fitness competitor for 12 years with a deep reverence for the traditional practices of Indigenous cultures from around the world learning from many Indigenous Elders and Shaman.
Her belief is that we have the capability to be our own healer, or personal shaman, and that the rituals and practices of the different lineages should be kept alive in this time of dissociation from the Self and lack of awareness of the past. She will be teaching the anatomy of the body, space holding, and weaving in shamanic practices.

Kelly Marrin


Kelly Marrin is a heart centred yoga teacher who has been practicing asana for over 20 years. Committed to continuing education as a lifelong student, she is certified as a Yoga Teacher and Yin Instructor with Yoga Alliance, a Somatic Breathwork Facilitator, and has also received certification in Sound Healing with Crystal Singing Bowls. Her advanced training includes: Yoga Sequencing, Pranayama and Mediation. She has a Bachelor of Business Administration major in Organizational Behaviour and post-grad in Communications from Western University. Her intention is to support all students in the
TribeSpace training program with a calming voice and energetic spirit.
Kelly will provide teachings on the yin experience, chakras system, and incorporating sound healing into the practice.

Gina Marie


Gina’s career in the healing profession spans 12 years as a mental health clinician with extensive experience in trauma and psychotherapy.
She has a Bachelors of Science, Double Major in Kinesiology and Psychology and a Masters of Science from the University of Toronto.
She is a Somatic Coach specializing in embodied intimacy through a Tantric lens. She has completed 200 Hr YTT, 100 Hr Meditation Teacher and 40 hr Nada Yoga training.
Her classes and sessions focus on trauma-informed and restorative yoga, mindfulness, self-compassion meditation, and sound healing. Gina leads individuals and groups through mindful, relaxing and deep healing experiences fusing sound healing and energy work. Her passion is to co-create a transformative healing experience that connects the body’s wisdom and opens the heart.

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