Attend Your First Class For Free!

We want you to feel comfortable at our beautiful studio which is why we want to offer you the opportunity to try any class you’d like, on us.
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Attend Your First Class For Free!

We want you to feel comfortable at our beautiful studio which is why we want to offer you the opportunity to try any class you’d like, on us.
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Unlimited Introductory Month for only $85

Whether you’re looking for a HITT workout or a Vinyasa class, we’ve got you covered with over 5 classes a day during the week to fit into your busy schedule. Join as many classes as you like risk-free and see if TRIBESpace is right for you with an introductory membership.

A Unique Experience

A Unique Experience for Spiritual Awakening: a venue created for assisting the reintroduction of Body, Mind and Soul





A Spritual Awakening

There is a noticeable Spiritual Awakening occurring around the world. People are looking for more in life and within themselves. TRIBEspace will serve to bring the components of achieving an enlightened life to those who are seeking.

TRIBEspace Mission

TRIBEspace willprovide a serene, safe, and welcoming venue where lovers of yoga and meditation can come to take their self-care and self-healing further by entering a multisensory experience that allows them to reach complete solace and contentment. Our vision is to ultimately integrate different avenues for pursuing spiritual enlightenment through meditation, breathwork, sound healing, traditional medicine therapy, cacao ceremonies as well as the physical practice of yoga. We work to create peace in our world, community and family by first creating peace within ourselves.


TRIBEspace retail will be a collection of mostly one-of-a-kind, and small batch creations from artisans and entrepreneurs from all over the world.  Many of the products were purchased directly from hardworking individuals in foreign countries who struggle in the effort to have their passion and creative skills support their income. The energy infused into these retail offerings will not only raise the vibration of our physical studio, but each item purchased will also be infused with an energy and history that doesn’t exist from a product coming off an assembly line. Carrying a totem with history and meaning draws our mind and spirit back to Centre.  This retail entity will be an active manifestation of our mentality of Support, rather than separation, competition or capitalism.


At TRIBEspace, we are providing a platform to redevelop our Tribe mentality in a safe space with like minded individuals. The customs of any TRIBE have always been aimed to heal, praise, commemorate, celebrate, solidify and identify the community: it is what keeps the group’s bond strong.  The consistent practice of the Tribe’s customs creates well-being amongst its individuals, creating a Collective Strength.


Coffee Bean


Coffee Bean


Coffee Bean


Our studio will leave members rejuvenated and inspired; opening the doors to positive transformation; ultimately creating a calm and peaceful mind, an open and compassionate heart, and a strong feeling of self acceptance. Through our own individual growth and with a strong sense of community, we open our hearts to the beauty that can be found in every day.

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